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Gleco Plating: Our Culture

Gleco Plating is in business to provide better opportunities for our employees while also meeting the needs of our customers. We accomplish this by following the three core values our company was founded on:

Our Values


Our team is faithful to the mission, to our customers, and to each other during good times and bad. We are reliable and can be trusted. We stick by our convictions and do not waver in our beliefs.


We’re able to adapt to any situation while maintaining a positive attitude. We work together as a team and continue to learn and grow from our failures and successes. We see things through to the end by being resourceful, open-minded, and never giving up.


We believe that to whom much is given much is required. We have been blessed with the opportunity to serve many customers and work with a great team. We believe it is our responsibility to use what we have been given to impact as many lives as possible.