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Gleco offers a complete array of electroplating services to deposit various metallic coatings on parts and products via a direct electric current.

Electroplating is widely used to improve the surface qualities of plated objects, adding corrosion and wear resistance, lubricity, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, or aesthetics as desired.

Gleco provides the following electroplating options:


Zinc plating is used for those parts and products requiring a strong, ductile, corrosion-resistant finish at an affordable price. Gleco offers ASTM B633 zinc plating services.

Alkaline Zinc

Alkaline zinc plating provides self-healing corrosion resistance for many metals without causing excess thickness.

Chloride Zinc

Chloride zinc plating is used on difficult-to-plate surfaces that need rust protection, easy leveling, and ductility.


Zinc nickel plating is a high-performance coating used to prevent corrosion on parts employed in harsh environments. (It can provide up to ten times the protection of conventional zinc plating.) Gleco offers ASTM B841, and SAE AMS 2417 Zinc Nickel plating.


Nickel plating is used for parts and products requiring durability, wear, and corrosion-resistant finish. Gleco offers QQ-N-290 and AMS 2404 Nickel plating.

Bright Nickel

Bright Nickel plating levels and brightens metallic surfaces using organic and metallic compounds, leaving parts and products with a decorative finish. Gleco offers QQ-N-290, AMS 2404 and ASTM B-689 Bright Nickel plating.

Nickel Sulfamate

Nickel Sulfamate plating provides a durable, corrosion/wear-resistant silvery-white metal finish in bright and dull matte finishes. Gleco offers MIL-P-27418, AMS 2424, and AMS-QQ-N-290 nickel sulfamate plating.


Tin plating is used for those parts and products requiring a non-toxic, highly conductive, and crack-resistant finish that can be molded and stretched into various shapes. Gleco offers ASTM-B-545, MIL-T-10727, and AMS-2408 Tin plating.

Bright Tin

Bright Tin plating is a soft, non-toxic ductile plating used for parts and products requiring corrosion and wear resistance with a highly aesthetic appearance. It can be used on nearly any metal. Gleco offers ASTM-B-545, MIL-T-10727, and AMS-2408 Bright Tin plating.

Matte Tin

Matte tin plating is a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, cost-effective, corrosion-resistant 100% pure tin finish that will retain its color in high-temperature environments. Gleco offers ASTM-B-545, MIL-T-10727, and AMS-2408 Dull Matte Tin plating.


Silver plating is offered in several finishes based on grade, hardness, and type, all providing conductivity, corrosion, and wear resistance in a matte-white finish. Gleco offers ASTM-B-700, QQ-S-365, and AMS-2410 silver plating.

Bright Silver

Bright Silver plating is used for those parts and products requiring the unique combination of visible light reflection, heat conductivity, and electrical conductivity. Gleco offers AMS-2410, AMS-2411, AMS-2412, ASTM B700, and QQ-S-365 bright silver plating.

Semi-bright Silver

Semi-bright silver plating is ideal for parts and components requiring electrical and thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance. It is harder than gold but still ductile and malleable. Gleco offers QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, AMS 2410, AMS 2411 & AMS 2412 semi-bright silver plating

Matte Silver

Matte Silver is electrodeposited onto parts and products requiring conductivity and lubricity. It is ideal for anti-galling and anti-seizing applications on high-temperature parts. Gleco offers QQ-S-365, ASTM B700, AMS 2410, AMS 2411 & AMS 2412 matte silver plating


Gold plating is used for parts and products requiring a finish that is electrically and thermally conductive, corrosion-resistant, and solderable. Gleco offers ASTM-B-488, MIL-DTL-45204, MIL-G-45204 and AMS-2422.


Cadmium plating delivers corrosion, rust, mold, and bacteria resistance without sacrificing conductivity. It is ideal for critical parts and parts with complex geometries. Gleco offers Cadmium Plating in AMS QQ-P-416, AMS 2400, ASTM B766, MIL-STD-171, ISO 4042, and ASTM B850 specs.

Electroless Nickel

Electroless Nickel plating is used for parts and products requiring a hard coat, corrosion resistance, and protection against wear. Due to its high hardness, it can also be used to salvage worn parts. Gleco Plating offers electroless nickel plating in MIL-C-26074, ASTM B733, and AMS 2404 specs.

If you’re searching for an electroplating partner with years of applied and proven experience and expertise, contact Gleco Plating.