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Zinc Nickel Plating

Gleco offers low-alloy (5-12% nickel) zinc nickel plating up to 60″ x 36″ x 48″ and high-alloy (12-16% nickel) zinc nickel plating up to 120″ x 30″ x 60″ for companies seeking high-performance coating to prevent corrosion on parts employed in harsh environments. We are certified for several specifications, including ASTM B 841, AMS 2417, and ISO 4527.

Zinc nickel plating can provide up to ten times the protection of conventional zinc plating, significantly slowing corrosion. It’s often added as a “sacrificial” coating, meant to corrode first to protect the base material.

Zinc Nickel Plating on industrial product

The Zinc Nickel Process

Zinc Nickel plating is a two-part process. First, an electrical current is applied to deposit the zinc-nickel onto each part to protect it from moisture and corrosion. Then, a chromate conversion coating is applied to protect the zinc nickel layer to prevent rust formation.

Because Zinc Nickel plating is highly efficient, it is particularly easy to use and offers significantly faster plating speeds.

Zinc Nickel Plating Options

There are two types of zinc-nickel coatings. Hexavalent chromates offer excellent corrosion resistance at a low cost but are not RoHS- compliant. On the other hand, trivalent chromates are RoHS- compliant, making them a preferred replacement for parts traditionally plated with hexavalent chromates.

There are several coating options:

  • Passivate options
    • Clear (Trivalent, RoHS-compliant)
    • Black (Trivalent, RoHS-compliant)
  • Chromate options
    • Iridescent/Bronze (Hexavalent, Non-RoHS Compliant).

Benefits of Zinc Nickel Plating

  • Cost-effective corrosion protection up to 10 times greater than conventional zinc
  • Excellent corrosion protection at extreme temperatures
  • Outstanding adhesion after bending and forming
  • Uniform coating on threaded or tight parts
  • A great alternative to cadmium plating or hot dip galvanizing

Typical Applications

Zinc nickel plating is used in various parts in the automotive, electronics, aerospace, and defense industries, including:

  • Chassis joints
  • Electronic connectors
  • Engine components

The electronics industry has increasingly preferred zinc nickel over traditional cadmium plating, as it is more environmentally friendly and RoHS-compliant.

If you’re searching for an expert coating partner with years of applied experience providing premium Zinc Nickel Plating, contact Gleco Plating.