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About Gleco Plating

Gleco Plating is in business to provide the best possible solutions to our customers while also giving our employees opportunities to grow and develop to realize their potential. We enjoy leading people and building great teams. At Gleco Plating, we want to hold ourselves to a higher standard so that we build loyalty and maintain long-term relationships with our customers.

We want to carry on the legacy that our founder started based on great quality and outstanding service. We’re very proud of what our team has accomplished so far, while also understanding that there is always room for improvement. We are constantly working to get better and continue our efforts towards future innovations!

Meet the Gleco Plating Team

The effectiveness and efficiency of our operations at Gleco Plating centers around a solid team. Each member contributes to our daily operations, including, but not limited to: quality control, customer service, maintenance, production, human resources, lab technicians, and logistics. We invite you to meet the 130+ employees at the heart of our business.

The History of Gleco Plating

Gleco Plating was founded on the premise that all customers, large or small, deserve the best quality, turnaround, and overall service that our company can possibly provide. We have continued to hold to these values throughout our company’s history. While the company started out in a tiny building in Garland, TX, Gleco Plating now has two fully equipped locations covering over 120,000 square feet and does work for over 150 customers in a variety of industries.

Gleco History

Explore the Gleco Plating Culture

Gleco Plating is a third-generation family business dedicated to collaborating with our community of customers and associates. At Gleco, the key to our success is that our entire team understands our mission and vision, upholds our core values, and makes maintaining our company culture their top priority. If you have been looking for a team that exemplifies strong leadership characteristics, look no further than Gleco Plating!

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