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Each year, leading coating and finishing shops throughout North America
participate in Products Finishing’s Top Shops benchmarking program to gain insights for
improving shopfloor practices and refining business operations. This initiative goes beyond
awards, providing detailed reports from the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey that offer data-
driven insights into shop performance across various key operational metrics. These reports
enable shops to gauge their standing against industry peers and identify areas for improvement.

“This is the 10th year we’ve conducted the Top Shops Benchmarking Survey — a program
designed to give industrial coaters and finishers a non-biased way of measuring their shop’s
performance,” says Products Finishing editor-in-chief Scott Francis. “This year we’ve worked to
streamline and simplify the survey process for participants, with added benefit of improving
turnaround time of the custom reports we generate.”

In addition to the custom benchmarking reports, qualifying Top Shops are celebrated in Products
’s various media channels and at industry events, making qualification as a Top Shop an
important accolade for shops in the finishing industry.

Gleco Plating has been selected as a Products Finishing Top Shop in electroplating and
anodizing for 2024, based on data analytics from this year’s Top Shops Benchmarking Survey.

“Sincere congratulations to the team at Gleco Plating upon achieving status as a 2024
Products Finishing Top Shop,” Francis says. “The selection process for Top Shops is based on
numerous aspects of your business, and qualifying as a Top Shop is a reflection your team’s
hard work and cause for celebration.”

Hundreds of shops participate in Top Shops each year, resulting in a collection of data and
statistics that prove invaluable for discovering and assessing areas for growth and improvement,
including finishing technology, performance and practices, business strategy and human

To learn more about Top Shops Benchmarking please click here.

At Gleco Plating, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with top-tier service in every area of our business. From bright nickel plating to pickling and degreasing services, Gleco Plating strives to provide the best service across the board, striking the balance between great communication, timely production schedules, and delivering end-results which meet the higher standard we hold ourselves to. For more information, call us at (972) 475-4300 or visit our website.